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SUPPORT TO MARITIME SURVEILLANCE Mea Intuis was directly involved in the concept, set-up and integration of the space radar technologies with the ship transponder information, in order to compute lists of potentially illegal fishing vessels, fishing in EEZ areas. The pioneering project of the Kerguelen island receives RADARSAT-1 and -2 as well as ENVISAT (about 10,000 scenes per year). The positions of the fishing vessels as known from the satellites are correlated with the ones given by the transponders, and thoses without a transponders are potentially suspicious vessels, leading to the deployment of conventionnal forces (Coast-Guard vessels, helicopters or aircraft). The station is operational since 2003. Mea Intuis is also able to consult in the set-up of projects related to the surveillance of oil maritime pollution events, in particular those not correlated to accidents, and that make up to 90% of the industrial oil ocean pollution.
SPACE EARTH OBSERVATION MISSIONS Mea Intuis proposes consulting and support in the set-up of new Earth Observation satellite missions, particularly micro- and mini-satellites, in order to optimise and manage the risks related to strategic decisions when launching such projects. Although we believe that radar missions are the most operational because of the deterministic approach of the sensor (all-weather guarranteed acquisitions at specific times), we are also able to work effectively on optical systems. We are also active in the set-up of ground receiving stations in L, X or S band, for operational or scientific, existing or future missions. We see our mission as being at the crossroad between the space technologies and the information technologies, in a world that faces growing environmental, societal and resource-related challenges. The Earth Observation activity is global and "synthetic" by nature, being "ruthlessly quantitative": it is seen as a tool that allows the documenting, the management, the anticipation, and the strategic positioning of the human activities and their impacts on nature, keeping in mind the necessary harmony that Man must maintain with his environment. As a tool of reason and of sustainable development, as a tool of credibility, the internationalisation of the measurements is the key to a deeper consciousness for sustainable values, together with a mean towards a larger political and social transparency.
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SUPPORT TO FOOD SECURITY Mea Intuis was directly involved in the conception and the technical and commercial evaluation of the TUYUAN Project ( Bolton Associates), aiming at assessing agricultural risks related to the Asian rice production. The TUYUAN Project is set in a dynamics that englobes global warming trends, the growing scarcity of water resources, harsh meteorological events (droughts and floods), and projections of demographic indices. This Project involves not only the authorities linked to the agricultural resources, the humanitarian aid and the political stability, but also the private sector involved in commodities, the insurance and the reinsurance, and the management of financial risks.
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